Climate Stories

Gulf of Maine Warming

The Gulf of Maine is warming at more than triple the rate of the world's oceans, causing changes in the ecosystem and the communities that rely on it.

A lighthouse seen through an orange fog of sunrise.

The Gulf of Maine is a section of the Atlantic Ocean that stretches from the tip of Cape Cod to Nova Scotia. Historically known for its cold waters, the Gulf of Maine features high biodiversity and a rich history of productive fishing grounds. While the Gulf of Maine is experiencing the warming effects facing the world’s oceans due to climate change, it is warming over three times faster than the global average, primarily due to changes in ocean currents.

This warming has the potential for a range of impacts on the people and species that call the Gulf of Maine home, and we are already seeing the beginnings of these changes. Yet at the same time, we have an opportunity to both mitigate the impacts and adapt to the changes we face both at home and globally. This is a rich topic for students to explore with many jumping-off points to learn more about marine species and even their home communities.

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