Connected Learning Ecosystem

Western Maine

Map of Maine with map marker over western area of the state.

Established in 2021

22 classroom teachers

6 informal educators

The Western Maine CLE brings formal and informal educators together to provide the support of colleagues in a rural area. We work together to encourage and inspire each other, bringing authentic science to our students.  

Like most of the teachers in our group who work in a rural area, I am the only teacher in my school who teaches my subject. I don't have someone at my school to bounce ideas off of. The Western Maine CLE has given me a community who I can connect with to share ideas. I am really excited that we are expanding our group and pulling in more informal educators!”
Katrina Carus, Lead Educator, Grade 6 science teacher, Molly Ockett School

Let's Connect

If you are interested in learning more about or joining the Western Maine CLE, please email Molly Auclair at GMRI.