Connected Learning Ecosystem

Washington County

Map of Maine with map marker over Washington County.

Established in 2021

6 informal educators

10 classroom teachers

The Washington County CLE is a group of positive, upbeat educators who invariably cheer and lift each other up. They are funny, optimistic, creative, and know not to take themselves too seriously. Even in these difficult last two years they have buoyed each other's spirits and found those silver linings! Every gathering results in the sharing of innovative ideas, laughter and a renewal of energy.

  • Heidi Roesselet

    Grade 6 science & math teacher, Rose M. Gaffney Elementary School

  • Brittany Foster

    Downeast Fisheries Partnership Coordinator

Let's Connect

If you are interested in learning more about or joining the Washington County CLE, please email Molly Auclair at GMRI.