Finger Lakes, NY Sept. 1, 2022

The Earth is Right Gameshow

Finger Lakes CLE pilots and provide feedback for a resource developed by one of their educators

In addition to all the benefits for youth, Connected Learning Ecosystems also provide educators with a community of practice where they can pilot new materials and receive useful feedback. During one of the Finger Lakes bi-monthly meetings, Evan Lowenstein tested out his climate education game. It is modeled a bit after the "Price is Right," where teams of contestants debate/discuss answers to a diverse set of climate-related questions that have numerical answers. For each question the team logs a guess and at the end the answers to all the questions are dramatically revealed, along with how close the teams were to guessing the correct answer! The team with the lowest aggregate score (calculating the difference between their answers and the correct answer) is the winner!

The purpose of course is to get people thinking and learning about climate change and climate solutions-- the environmental, economic, and social aspects--but to add a friendly, fun, competitive element. The members of the CLE got into the activity pretty intensely-- especially as they were considering and discussing their team answers to each question! The revelation of the answers was another opportunity to discuss the climate issue(s) as well. Evan received some very positive and constructive feedback on the activity-- and corroborated that this is an effective and engaging way to build interest, knowledge, and action on climate issues-- for any age group.

Check out his resource here